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The leading brand of production and distribution in the wholesale Nuts sector

About Us

It was established in September 1999 in Istanbul by Mehmet Taştan and Nedim Aka. With our advanced national distribution network all across Turkey and the world, we reach consumers with local stores and distinguished retail outlets.'Cevizhane', which has been active in the wholesale food sector since 1999, is one of the leading companies in the sector at home and abroad with its wholesale dried nuts production and distribution activities.


With our strong production and distribution network which we have in Turkey and all around the world, to increase the loyalty to our products by providing the freshest, fastest, healthy and reliable service.


To make the brand of 'Cevizhane' more known in Turkey and the world market. To be one of the most preferred companies by constantly improving our brand in line with the needs of the sector.



To be natural, environmentally friendly and practical at the same time by providing a clean and healthy service to the consumer in the nuts sector.

Our annual import capacity is (Tones)
Our annual import capacity is (Tones)
Our annual export capacity is (Tones)
Our annual export capacity is (Tones)
Number of companies we work
Number of companies we work
Preparing for our future

Our past, present and future




We collect the products that we carefully select from the manufacturer.


We keep our products in our hygienic warehouses.


We prepare your products carefully in line with your demands.


4- With our strong logistics network, we send the products at any time.

Meet our CEO
Fesih Taştan
Cevizhane - CEO
First of all, I would like to thank you for your interest in our institution on behalf of myself and all Cevizhane employees. As a company that constantly makes new investments and tries to meet the expectations of its customers, we continue without losing any momentum from our first day excitement.
We have all the responsibilities of being a global company with the breakthroughs we have made in the dried nuts sector, our fast adoption of the developing world technologies with what we are doing and will do, and our determined attitude towards difficulties.
Our main office is located in the Mega Center, where the pulse of trade in Istanbul, which connects Asia and Europe.
Services We Offer

What are we doing?

Food Safety

We produce the best quality and fresh products by maintaining our commitment to nature and the environment, and present them to your liking in the healthiest form without using any additives.


We keep the processes of reaching organic and fresh products from producer to consumer at a high level with our inspection units.

High Capacity

Thanks to our strong logistics network, we offer uninterrupted service with the highest quality to the best brands in the world in all regions we serve

The source of our quality

We Care About You


It's not all about feeding! We prioritize proper nutrition with a selection of delicious and high quality nuts. With our vast knowledge, we act meticulously and selectively in the whole process from harvest time to the delivery of the products to our customers in accordance with international standards.


Follow our campaign: Grow with us

We contribute to the development of the sector with our producers, with whom we interact with our past in the wholesale dried nuts market.